Swallowing when you're meant to spit



I’d be terrible as a wine taster. Hate things being wasted, and as such I’d be wasted all the time. It’s hard enough with mouthwash.


filth was yesterday, m9


haha oral sex


Like with jizz or something? Do you mean jizz?


love downing a cup of flouride mouthwash and flicking the Vs at the dentist and their assistant


Rude, costs them loads to replace that rather than recycling it.


Just heaved whilst eating some cheese on toast reading that.


you’re welcome


Anyone for recycled cheese on toast?


serves the money grabbing bastards right. They didn’t start none, wouldn’t be none


Was rushing around one morning before work. Was using some mouthwash, but decided to save time by multitasking and rinsing while walking downstairs, idea being I’d spit it in the kitchen sink. Was halfway to the kitchen and felt a sneeze brewing so did a big minty misty sneeze all over the hall.


It was you, my brown-eyed girl!


Which mouthwash would be the worst, if recycled? Peroxyl for me, cause it’s foamy

  • Corsodyl
  • Peroxyl
  • Oraldene
  • Listerine
  • Other

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don’t think i’ve ever used peroxyl?

first time i used corsodyl it burned the inside of my mouth for about a week.


You’re meant to spit it out!


oh ffs NOW you tell me?


Swallowed some toothpaste on Wednesday. Burns a bit but your breath smells sweet


my brother got very angry with me on holiday recently because he hadn’t packed any toothpaste in anticipation of just using mine all week, but i use arm and hammer, the baking soda toothpaste, which he doesn’t like. apparently this makes me “disgusting”


@marckee is there a difference between the 50p home brand mouth wash and the £5 Corsodyl / other stuff?


Just wait until you take a shit!