Swamp Thread

Swamp, great word.

Me and @AQOS are off on a trip to one.

Anyone got any swamp stories?

I don’t think there are any swamps in the UK, although this map disagrees with me.

Do The Fens count as swamp? Or are they simply marshes?

I’d see them as a wetlands personally. Think you need beasts and danger for a true swamp.

The Fens

  • count as swamp
  • Simply marshes
  • Bog people

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Soundtrack for the road trip:

Whatever happened to quick sand? Don’t hear much about it these days. Does quick sand live in the swamp?

You’d think some of this in particluar was too dry to swamp


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Bog people, just meeting
Barely touching each other
Two spirits greeting
Trying to carry it further

As a kid I thought quicksand was gonna be something I’d have to deal with regularly as an adult but I don’t think I’ve had one incident yet.


‘wetlands’ were only invented in the past 5 years

So the fens are ‘a swamp’. Count how many times you hear that said. Truth is they are simply ‘marshes’


I sometimes talk about “Marsh People”

I already live in a giant swamp
It’s fine


It’s part of the famous “Australian system” we hear particular western leaders banging on about. It involved draining those areas of swamp.

calm down, trump

claiming an assist on that one

Loads of rainforests in that part of Australia, I think?

(At least, that’s what the world maps that come with various versions of Civilization have taught me)

Would you care to share any of the highlights and lowlights of swamp life?

Swamp News

swamp suggests humidity afaic