So how were they the other week? I had tickets for both Islington nights and missed both because of work…

I see they’re playing the Roundhouse next year, so I will be able to make up, thank goodness - but what’s this tour like compared to previous?

exactly the same (i didn’t go)

They’re still really, really good live. The only real difference is that they have a keyboard player instead of Thor now. I saw them on the Friday at Islington, they played 6 songs in a little under 3 hours (including 2 new ones, which was a bit odd seeing as he reckons this iteration of Swans will be done after this tour).

No Thor, no way!

Well that’s the point I wondered - whether they would do new songs given they’re at the end of this “cycle”… interesting… thanks!

Does anyone know why they’re playing the Roundhouse next year? I thought that would be it after this current tour. I see Thurston Moore is supporting. I definitely have to get tickets for that gig.

Saw them in Glasgow, thought they were really good. Kept blowing a fuse or something which interrupted the flow a bit but despite that were really tight and didn’t get too grumpy. And I’d not really listened to much of the new album before going but have listened to it a lot since. It works much better live I think.

They’re playing that all day thing in Manchester too next year as highlighted in the ATP thread (if it ever happens). Thinking about it, haven’t they passed through twice on at least one of the previous album tours? Might be wrong - anyway not complaining

Maybe Giras been hit with an unexpected, unspecified significant expense and needs to do another tour to pay for it

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Got tickets for the Roundhouse. Should be a good gig with Thurston Moore supporting.