Swans are playing round the corner from my apartment on Thursday. It’s quite pricey and I don’t know them that well but it’s always seemed like an intense ‘must see’ live experience. Should I go for it?














Some swans. Playing round the corner.

I’d go.


I’ve never seen Swans play, do they break each others arms?


Would definitely advise seeing them at least once.




I like how quickly we’ve gone from this

to unanimous
"Yeah do it!"


Yeah I did think it is a bit difficult to say go and see them in light of the allegations.

In a case such as this, where there is no possible resolution it’s hard to see what the moral choice is.


As stated in that thread, entirely personal choice, really. I just liked how completely opposite both threads felt, even if that was also understandable :slight_smile:


I said No


I don’t think there can be an objectively moral stance. I do think people should be made aware of the situation. As I think I said in the other thread, this flies in the face of innocent-until-proven-guilty, but there is such a societal problem with this particular crime going unreported that IUPG doesn’t necessarly mean we shouldn’t mention it.


Oh I definitely think it should be mentioned it’s people’s subsequent actions that are harder to interpret.


I worked with a swan once, it was pretty fucking mean, but the geese were worse.


Yeah - it’s definitely difficult to know how I feel about this.


I went in the end and fucking hell they were amazing.