Swapsies (did just want to call it 'swap' but fucked over by the character overlords)

My sister came over on Sunday with her Lego cards. We have more than her. She had five that we needed that she didn’t have doubles of. I was willing to offer 20-30 she didn’t have in exchange for these. She wasn’t having any of it. Wouldn’t swap any that she didn’t have doubles of. Her logic was totally out. A real blow to the Balonz bloodline.

I mean in the end I gave her the 20-30 so she did me but still…

(obviously mean niece and son not me and my sister…)

Fucking hell, I bring you a thread about cards, your favourite thing, and you Simpsons meme me.


If the cards did anything, I’d be all over this.

Has she been reading the art of the deal?

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They have a dominoes style game on the back.

Sounds shit.

No hobbits feeling their tits on them.

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Then what even is the point.

Your niece and son are mean?

That’s not very nice.

Well my son did call me a fat, random old man and my niece asked my sister why her breasts weren’t higher.


I don’t want to be that person but you change the title of the thread really as there was no swapping just giving or being mugged off.
I was inspired to give away my Lego cards away at the till the other week ( by a thread on here), I made a big deal out of it too made sure everyone heard, the ladies loved it!

We did receive two that she had doubles of. Think we need about ten or so now.

Not that it is important to me…

is it though? presumably she’s still going to need those ones at some point. are the cards distributed randomly or are the ones that you were missing more rare than the ones you were trying to offload?

Randomly I believe so had she taken ours she would have needed fewer to complete.

The real joke is she doesn’t even have the book just some loose cards and she comes into my house swapping like a total dick.

Should have kicked the ones I needed under the sofa until she was gone.

she probably knew you’d be a total push over and would give her the cards anyway. and you did.

1-0 little girl.

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