Swear words that you don't think of as swear words



Inspired by remembering today that once on our uni radio show a friend of mine said ‘Jizz’ several times (in fact she sang ‘I’ll Jizz in your eye James’ to the tune of ‘History’ by Funeral for a Friend)

She repeatedly said Jizz arguing it wasn’t a rude word after the other presenter said ‘you can’t say that on the radio’ :smiley:



Oh, and is crap actually a swear word? If so, crap.


I think technically.

It’s funny how it’s different in the US as well. They’ll air them but get complaints about Damn and Hell. Funny seeing them often use wankers whenever a brit is on a show though as they don’t know it as a swear word :smiley:


knackered - still not convinced it’s swearing but I got told off at school plenty for saying it.
arse - not sure tbh


My Northern Irish friend told me once that damn and hell are a bigger deal as swear words over there too. But then I think NI (and the USA) has a higher percentage of Christians so I guess that must hold sway.


I’ve never really come across this, although I was told off in p1 or something for saying hell.

Gf was worried about swearing in front of parents. When I mentioned to her afterwards that she swore loads (didn’t care, just making conversation) she said lol that’s not a swear word.




Someone I used to workn with said knackered means just had sex, whereas I thought it just meant very tired…Maybe explains it.

Frigging is another one…


Yeah, I was told that. But everyone uses it to mean pooped so I dunno


If you were tired after sex does that then make it swearing?

Is sex bad? (I know mine is)


Jay - Im just really good at shagging now thats all im saying.
Neal - How do you do it best then?
Jay - Just deep, try and get really deep…right up to the balls
Neal - And do you put the balls in…ive heard you gotta put the balls in really to make it work?
Jay - …er ye, can do some girls like it some dont.


but what about the knackers yard for horses - is that just for horses that have had horse sex?


Let’s hope so. Cigarettes and velvet horse blankets all round…


velvet horse blankets could be a great swear word replacement


They say shit on Eastenders and stuff now don’t they? Have done for years. And bitch too.


Remember being on a predominantly US DVD forum shortly after Sexy Beast came out. If you’ve not seen it then pretty much every other word out of Ben Kingsley’s mouth is ‘cunt’. An American on that forum made a comment along the lines of “I guess that word’s just not as offensive in England”. :smiley:

(Was quickly put straight because we weren’t monsters.)


never really come across this either. maybe it was for older generations? (NO OFFENCE LIKE)


Either everyone in Scotland hates me or cunt means something very different up here


did have a primary school teacher though who told us not to watch Father Ted cos it was so blasphemous


quite sweet that you think those must be mutually exclusive