Not sure if this is worthy of its own thread, but Swearin’ look to have made peace with each other:

Hope they make it back over here. Their first album is still one of my favourites from the last decade.


This is great news and absolutely deserves its own thread, the first album was incredible and the second one was very good too. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but if the debut had been released 20 years earlier it would now widely be considered a best of genre level album and an all time classic. It’s better than its influences, IMO. There’s such an electricity in it and not a second is wasted.

For anyone who hasn’t heard it yet:
Swearin’ - Swearin’

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Worth noting that the first album, their original demo and a whole bunch of other good stuff (including some PS Eliot albums) are available for free download here:

Anyone who reads Goldflakepaint will recognise a lot of the names in there. ^

The new album is streaming!


Wow I’ve somehow been ignorant of the reunion up until seeing this thread just now. Incredible band, looking forward to giving this new one listen.

What’s everyone thinking of this so far? So far it’s fine I guess, but kind of a disappointment for me. I do like Grow Into a Ghost and that riff in Smoke or Steam, but overall it feels like it’s missing the magic of the first album and the successful experimentation of the second one. The lyric style feels very different too.

I’m really enjoying this so far, been listening a lot. Although I come to it having never fully immersed myself in their first 2 albums. Think it’s really hooky and the song writing is strong. Also really like the sweet and sour feel you get alternating between the songs crutchfield sings on then kilbride. Hers seem more assured and polished, his a bit more ramshackle /raw with a child like quality. For some reason it just works for me. Favourite track is probably Stabilize atm