Sweat Thread

It’s been a pretty sweaty few months, hasn’t it, friends?
And I’ve noticed something weird about myself.
I think my sweat smells like biscuits.
I haven’t eaten any biscuits today or on most of the other days I’ve noticed this.
It’s a conundrum.

What do you think your sweat smells like?
Let’s keep this thread clean and don’t be horrible about yourself plz x

buy better biscuits


Hope its not an issue with your digestive system


My fresh sweat doesn’t smell bad, but if I’ve sweated into a t-shirt or something it smells absolutely DISGUSTEN the day after.

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I don’t think my sweat smells of anything normally but maybe that’s because I’m used to it? My arms sweat a huge amount when I run so I have to constantly wiping them down - it’s not very pleasant. I can be a couple of pounds lighter post gym despite drinking a litre of water. :nauseated_face:

lovely thread, sweaty xx

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Oh BTW I’m not talking about my armpits.
I mean like when I tip my chin to my chest.
That’s rights pals, my boobs smell of biscuits.

It can change based on diet - when I’m properly vegan I don’t seem to have a smell (that I notice anyway).

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That’s funny, because my ginger nuts smell like ABANDON REPLY

I don’t wanna know about your ginger nuts.

I think my sweat smells like carrot and coriander soup

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fuck are yous all talking about? “oh my sweat smells of flowers and rainbows”

mine smells fucken rank


Biscuits aren’t exactly sexy are they.

more mischievous

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I sweat loads

Sometimes when I’m cycling I sweat so much I can’t see and when I try and rub it out of my eyes it doesn’t work and immediately fills up again

Don’t mind the smell of sweat while I’m sweating. Once it dries its absolutely humming and I need to get in a shower ASAP

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Bead of sweat getting in behind a contact lens is the absolute pits on a bike ride/run

Is sweat the only liquid measured in beads?

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If it smells of coconut that’s Nice.

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