Sweaty Thursday filth thread


If you were in a cool bedroom with your partner or (if single/poly) a person who had consented to a bit of slap and tickle, what sex act could you most be going for right now?

I’m deffo feeling some spooning activity today tbh.

Also, how is the heat affecting your sexual heat? (Public poll)

  • I am feeling more aroused than usual
  • I am feeling the same levels of arousal as usual
  • I am feeling less aroused than usual

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absolutely everything, forever. heat puts me on heat.


More aroused, less inclined to act on it.

What’s the sex position involving the least contact?


Hot bedrooms can gtfo


like even reading the OP now all i can think about is filth


this heat is definitely having an effect on people - got booty called by 2 old flames last weekend. My life is not usually like this


Horniness rating for the day (public)

  • 0 - absolute zero, fully uninterested
  • 1 - Antarctic
  • 2 - could possibly get a bit of a tingle if someone really tried
  • 3 - could deffo get a semi/fanny flutter with a bit of provocation
  • 4 - wasn’t thinking about it but now I am, a bit
  • 5 - Defcon 2 (bit of a semi)
  • 6 - Getting a bit heated
  • 7 - Warm and tingly
  • 8 - Defcon 1
  • 9 - Brb just nipping to the toilets
  • 10 - Hotter than the sun with pure lust, taking the day off to mash my bits

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Sorry guys I am really gross and weird


The sex act we would be doing it sleeping.

Do not TOUCH ME in this heat.


Actually making this thread has turned me off a bit. Gonna downgrade my vote


Could probably muster a serviceable bonk 'on for an enthusiastic partner.


All I want to do is sleep



Last year I was in a dorm room in Luxembourg with no air con when it was 34 degrees (25 at night). The only way to sleep was to cuddle a bottle full of very cold water. Try that?


I could do with a Calippo - preferably orange - up the bum, but not really as a sex act.


I bloody love a hard sesh in a hot sweaty room.


Squash ladder going well this year, champ?


Netrunner I think


It’s badminton, you dolt


Not in this heat, thanks.


Should probably let the horse out for some fresh air