Sweaty underpants audit

Just noticed that mine are quite damp indeed in the undercarriage and also a little clammy on the cheek region. I’d like to know I’m not alone

Mine are dry as a fucking bone pal


I win at everything pal, except in the game of having dry underpants

If they’re bothering you, just cut them off with a pair of nail scissors


That and a great many other things and practices

Recently my penis has taken to getting a bit of piss on my pants once I have re holstered the lad. So that has caused some dampness.

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Maybe your pants have a high nylon content? Loosen the purse strings go 80% cotton plus, or fill them with salt to soak up the moisture.

I played futsal earlier having not brought my kit in today (and the change of underpants that would be included) therefore my undies are very sweaty indeed.

Have you tried sitting in a bowl of rice?


I have not done that

I reckon arborio would have the nicest texture.

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I think I’d agree with you there actually Epsinho

Well, only one way to find out.

Quite coarse, that stuff, so he would of course soon become grit balls of fire.


@kermitwormit I reckon you could submit this to one of the tips pages in those magazines


Could probably fake it well enough with a couple of smallish onions and a chipolata, with a bit of grease on the lense. And then turn it all into a risotto afterwards.

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I think it’s pretty obvious that I did.

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genital beeves!


Told you you’d run out.