Swedish Death Cleaning


No, @BodyInTheThames hasn’t started a new Death Metal band, this is about ditching clutter before you die for the health of loved ones.


Although I wonder if this is fairly unique to baby boomers & most younger generations haven’t the spare cash or surety of where they live to indulge in tat buying?



‘…the new decluttering trend’



I recently helped an enderly neighbour with this as it goes

Kind of a weird thing, helping her prepare for the final chapter in her life but I totally got her logic and it was kind of noble in it’s altruism I guess. I was impressed with her anyway.

This is a bit vague I know, but it would take a while to explain the whole backstory and I’m on mobile so maybe later


Lovely cover


Liked their first album


Several years ago, I said to my mother in frustration, “It would be a nightmare to have to deal with all this stuff if you died tomorrow.” She looked at me, stunned.

Probably could have broached the subject a little better.


I can imagine getting a bit over the top with this and just sitting in my house, two days after my 70th birthday, on my solitary chair, waiting to die.


I’ve only skimmed this so I’ve no idea what’s going on but I’m up for this - 100%.


That chair needs to go gramps.


“Good god mum, do you have any idea how inconvenient you’d be if you died tomorrow? Stop being so selfish and get rid of all your stuff”


c’mon mum you don’t need two cardigans do you?