Sweet Humaz


You in?




not sure


He had a reckless youth, microwaving whole tubs of Ben & Jerry’s and drinking them as smoothies.


Hopefully, yes


they are not hummus obviously


what a time to be alive
might as well just start liking it now instead of complaining about it for a year and then joining the bandwagon


I sometimes watch videos off off-season bodybuilders having cheat days where they try to hit something stupid like 20K calories in a day

They legit do stuff like this. Gotta hit them macros bro.


This guy man

Eats two BOXES of cereal at 1AM


still haven’t tried chocolate Philadelphia actually


I don’t really go in for sweet spreads. Will sometimes have toast and jam/marmalade if I’m breakfasting at a hotel.


That was a wrong 'un, shrewbs.


This sounds absolutely disgusting


Don’t think I’ve ever actually eaten hummus. Don’t trust it.


does he have a video of him sitting on the shitter for 45 minutes too?


Brother’s turds must be the size of my dustbins