Swept up any new friends recently?

been getting quite close to a new guy over the last few weeks. known him for a number of years, but I always thought he was a bit of a dick, so never really pursued a potential friendship.

anyway, we’ve been hanging out recently and he’s actually an ok guy. got a few flaws - tight with money, bit laddish, doesn’t wash his hands after taking a piss, turns EVERY conversation on its head to make it about him etc…but he’s got a good heart and is quite thoughtful and shit. not sure he’ll ever make it into the ATD category, but a useful chap to have kicking about for indoor golf, watching footie etc



not working for me, man

Considering swapping numbers with a guy I know through climbing. See him way more frequently than my actual friends and always have a good laugh. Just hard to know if we’d hit it off outside of the climbing gym or on a long car journey to go climb outdoors.

Would like to hear more about this ‘indoor golf’ before I make my mind up. Not sure about the sound of it at all

quite simple really, man.

I move the dining table/coffee table and we putt from one end of the dining/living room to the other. got one of those putting machine that blasts the ball back to you.

the green is quite tough, I can tell ya.

Oh that’s fine then, thought it was some london shit for bellends http://urbangolf.co.uk/

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Tried to make friends with a nice couple at a penoid card game event. They seem cool, which - and I think this will shock you - is quite rare for people attending tournaments for card games about demons and necromancers and shit.

Left the ball in their court and haven’t heard anything, though, so it’s not looking too promising. Probably should have tried the note technique.

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Classic Darren, all of this.

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Got a couple transitioning from team mates to mates atm. Good lads to go watch the footy with, going to the David Sumpter thing tonight with them, also been out on a couple of bike rides in the peaks with them.


guy has just started an access course. fair play to him, but boy…this guy just drones on and on about how difficult the course is.

I semi-snapped the other day and told him to shut the fuck up, it’s only a fucking access course. he agreed and we haven’t talked about it since then

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an urban planner from india

video please

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don’t have one, my man. will be sure to do it next time - which could be tomorrow night as I’m having some birthday drinks and it will no doubt be an ‘all back to mine to get completely cunted’ sort of scenario

I do however have a secret short video of Darren talking absolute nonsense at 4 in the morning

might upload that

yeah, this is all sorts of awful

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it’s Monday mate. feel free to come back on Monday and say the same thing


Just make friends with whoever I work with really. Just had one hand in his notice so a new one should be along soon enough.

A friend of mine’s new boyfriend. He’s quite a bit younger than me and cares about cars and sport and stuff, but we get on.