Swept up any new friends recently?

Haven’t made any IRL non-work friends since about 2001 mate

Hoogy will be devastated

Hoogy and all my other wonderful DiS friends straddle the IRL line as I consider you all friends before actually meeting you.

what a lovely thing to say

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a single tear rolls down my cheek

Oh, didn’t read the next post.

Got too many if anything. No, I don’t want to come to your fucking wedding in Lithuania!*

*I actually do.

Apparently NCT classes with furnish me with a bunch of new parent friends I am obliged to get on with indefinitely. Very sceptical.

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I’m just worried they’ll all be exactly like me, and so I’ll hate them.

Or they’ll all be “oh lets all head down the pub and watch some football” and I’ll hate that too.

I just got a FaceBook friend request from some girl who has no friends in common with me, and what seems like a completely made up name. Does that count?

My wife is still very good friends with 2 or 3 of the mums we met at NCT classes. They still go out for drinks/meals quite often.

I have never been out with the dads.


My dad was like this - he basically made no new friends after he was 18, whereas my mum would keep in touch with loads of people.

Then he retired and started attending U3A and bought a new telescope. He now has a new friend who is really nerdy, just like him, and it’s quite sweet.

Haha warny nae pals

I’'m after picking up loads. I should stop making friends.

oh, it’s not just me: none of the dads have gone out with the other dads.

it’s a classic dad-off


Bet they concocted that cover story at the monthly night out to Harvester.

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no :frowning: