Swimming Audit 2018 (obvs rolling)

Have you been swimming in the ocean yet this season? I did today!!! Consider my location and I expect you all to be thoroughly impressed.

Keep us posted, dudes xx

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I will not swim in an ocean


Thanks for your valuable input, as ever


Any time. I hope you enjoyed your swim and that you enjoy any future swimming you may decide to take on.

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Will you swim in a box? Will you swim with a fox?


I did, and I will. Cheers!

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I have not swum in an ocean this season.

I might swim in a box if it was large enough and free of any marine life.

I would not swim with a fox on accounts of recent trauma involving a fox.

Have paddled, but not swum

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And when do you plan to rectify this situation?

have you posted about the fox trauma before? or is it not something you want to discuss?

  • Swum
  • Swam
  • Swimmed

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I did do a thread about it but I can’t remember what I called it. Had to get rid of a dead fox basically.

I have been swimming in the Pacific on multiple occasions earlier this year. No immediate plans to repeat this though.

No I have not.

Swam, have swum

But saying «have swum» feels really weird so I just rephrased the whole thing!!!

swimming in the sea

  • fuck that.
  • yeah, no problem at all with swimming above whales/sharks etc!!!

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Swam in the sea in Barbados.

Had my feet in the Atlantic last month but that’s the closest.

Can’t actually remember the last time I properly swimmed in the ocean - my non-pool swimming seems to take place exclusively in the Mediterranean these days…

Won’t do it in valencia, too many jellyfish about. Fine in the UK where its just Seaweed and used condoms though