there is a pool nearby owned by a family who rent it out hourly to folk as a private function. probably going to use it soon enough, but i was wondering what do you do at the pool*/?/ are you a swimming wanker, with the wee hat and the face that says “i’m a serious swimmer?”

or are you a non-swimmer and never learned?

i just about can float. maybe.

Hate swimming. Hate it.

I’ve thought about it a lot and I think I just don’t like being wet. Do with that information what you will.

I’m not a great swimmer but do enjoy being in the water


Enjoy swimming, effort to do it though

For pricks and fish


Used to be really good as a kid - Was in a swimming club and used to go 3 times a week, went to competitions, etc.

Then got to that age (I suppose 13ish) where everyone bins off after-school activities and that was that…

Used to go recreationally occasionally and probably went a couple of times a week when I was at uni, but not bothered since then. Still more than competent and I’d say probably a stronger swimmer than most though.

If you don’t mind me saying, I find it really weird when people say they can’t swim - Always think it’s one of those things that everybody should be able to do

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I give up.

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i used to be a really good strong swimmer, but then didnt go for like 10 years or something. went the other week for the first time in ages and FUCK it turns out the intervening years of copious amounts of pizza, beer and asthma has played havoc with my technique

I like to think I am good but then I get to the pool and am knackered after 2 lengths. All those years just larking with the kids in the pool has killed my stamina

Can do good underwater swimming between people’s legs though.

This. I can travel in the direction I want and there’s no danger of drowning, but I can’t swim with any sort of technique. Best strokes are breast (heh) and doggy (heh).


I’m shit at it and prefer to be on land at all times.

I went through a stage of swimming twice a week (c.40 lengths). It was really good for losing weight but I found it pretty tedious.

We’ll usually go to the swimming pool most days with the girls if we’re on holiday somewhere where there’s a pool, but as @slicky says, it’s hardly the sort of activity that builds stamina.

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I really fancy trying wild swimming.

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Reminded me of a quote by a drunken WC Fields when asked why he didn’t drink more water:
‘Fish fuck in it’


Growing up in a town filled with ageing surfer dudes of the most tedious kind have put me off aquatic activities forever.

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There’s a pool where I work so I sometimes go on a lunchtime. Fairly decent at it but generally can’t manage more that 30-40 mins before getting bored.

Used to swim a lot when I was at school, then got out of the habit when a football injury stopped me doing any sport for a couple of years at uni.

Every couple of years I get back into it, if the local pool is easy enough to get to and it’s not too expensive.

It works like running for me in that I can switch off and use the time to unwind without distractions.

I’m beginning to think that I need to get back into swimming regularly if I want to keep up my running. The benefit of a non-impact activity that strengthens the core would probably help a lot.

I just seem to expel an awful lot of energy without going to far, I see other folk swimming and it looks fucking effortless