the waterslides and wave machines are the best bits


Slow down, keep your stroke long, and breathe out in the water.

Some tips in here (and below):

@aboynamedgoo and @ghostpony would be able to offer much better advice than me, too - they swum to a higher level than I ever did.


I like back stroke and being underwater. The rest can do one, except the old ladies with the solid hairsprayed hairdos who won’t let a drop of water touch there hair, they’re worth the effort.

backstroke is the best by far but i worry im going to crash into someone

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Used to swim about 90 mins 5 times a week for a year. And swam lots before that.
Last night I had some beers and ciggies. I prefer the new me

Yeah, it is risky. I say it’s up to everyone else to get out of our way.

last time I swam I did two lengths and got out to be sick

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i might have to take this to the ~thoughts~ thread but when people do things that put me out, i tend to think theyre at fault, but when i do things like swim backstroke i tend to think that they should pay more attention. maybe im an inherently selfish beast


^ this exactly! I recently started going again and thought a technique of sorts would come back to me naturally… Like how you never forget how to ride a bike etc but it really didn’t and whilst I wasn’t, like you said in any danger of drowning, I was more or less just floundering around.

I really enjoy going though and felt great afterwards for doing so :+1:

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Enjoy it, but just a bit of a faff for me. They have a pool at my gym but I’d rather do a class than go for a swim. Pool is always packed.

I’d like to be better at swimming, it would be great exercise (low impact on my shitty knees), but:

  • I can only do a front crawl and it exhausts me very quickly.
  • Swimming baths are awful places.
  • I barely have time for my other hobbies as it is.

Sadly at the pool (and at the times I visit) I swim in, it’s way too busy in the lanes to swim backstroke too!

I need to find a quiet pool so I can swim my backstroke and then just float around on my back for a bit like an otter :grinning:


this is the thing isnt it. ive got time in the day next week to go so hopefully itll be quieter and i can do a bit of backstroke and not have my lungs trying to exit my body after a length and half

I like swimming but I always want to get out after about 20 minutes.

I do really like fresh water swimming.

I tend to adopt that position to bob around the pool when I’m on holiday

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usually go once a year and remember i’m a terrible swimmer and i don’t enjoy it at all. this thread has put this song in my head though:

Big fan of swimming in the ocean.

Tonight’s five-a-side has just been cancelled, might have to go for a swim instead!

I think the provision of public swimming pools in the uk is something that British people often take for granted, it’s really really great. (I am assuming the tories haven’t completely ruined them yet).

Here in France I am within range of 2 25metre pools. Both have been shut since October, one opened last week and the other will not open until July. Next nearest after that are an hours drive away. When they do bother to open, It costs about €6 per swim. Oh when they bother to open at all they don’t open until 11 and shut at 7pm (last entry 6) so it’s almost impossible to go before or after work.

Don’t forget your tasty crab snacks!