Swimwear mega thread


Nothing is mega at all about this. But a good excuse for a poll. i am going to do the man’s one because if i attempt the woman’s one i’m going to miss out various technical terms of bikinis and swimsuits i bet. Can a female help pls?



  • Speedos
  • Short/swimming shorts
  • Baggier/Bermuda shorts
  • Any of the above with additional covering (t-shirt etc)
  • Wetsuit
  • Mankini
  • Thong

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I voted for short swimming shorts because bermuda ones really piss me off


Classic style Ralph Lauren swim trunks here. Not too long, but not too revealing either. Good stuff.

Bermuda shorts are so gross/ugly. Whatever’s comfortable though innit.


Can I have up to two choices? Swimming shorts for swimming; baggier shorts for if I’m at the beach somewhere warm and might fancy a dip but might not. (But not bermuda shorts).


I’m not sure which I have really. They’re sort of between the two you’ve mentioned. I just thought swim shorts came in one variety, TBH.


while the poll is restrictive, my heart is not. two choices it is


It’s also anonymous. WTF?


Perhaps he don’t want to have the vision of me wearing a mankini in his head.



cock in hand tbh


I wear shorts but I am not a great swimmer so speedos would be better I imagine but there for pros not for splashing around really. I hear speedos are popular in Germany, Balonz?


Board shorts innit. Those babies dry in minutes.


Voted for short swimming shorts - will be buying some on lunch. Determined to finally go for a swim this weekend.


people get shy about body stuff and i don’t want anyone to feel put upon


Lots of places on the continent ban you from wearing anything but speedos.


THIS WAS MEANT FOR @1101010 ffs


I liked it


Theo in speedos




perverts to a man.


George Michael’s original song lyrics were less well received