SXSW 2021: Online

SXSW have recently announced their festivals and events will be completely online in March. Passes are $149 (or £59 for students) and cover the film screenings as well as music showcases.

I assume that it will of course be massively scaled back but at that price it’s worth a punt imo.

student price should say $59 not £59.

I thought it seems pretty good considering how much tickets for the physical events usually are.

SXSW still haven’t refunded people who bought tickets for the 2020 festival.

They were taken to court in April, and that class action lawsuit is still ongoing. According to the latest filings, both parties have agreed to see if they can settle out of court, via a so-called Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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That’s definitely for the best.

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Ohh I had no idea!

deleted the unrelated comments as requested :+1:

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