SXSW 2023

Blimey, if ever there was a festival list to make me feel old and out of touch, it’s this. Think I’ve heard of 6 bands on this? Feel like I need to up my New Music game. Any recommendations people have for some of the less DIS mentioned stuff on this?

I love Albertine Sarges. Great album from last year, and so good and fun live. I’m going to the Pitchfork Festival gigs next month, but then AS announced a gig in Dalston also. So I’ve just bought tickets for that too, and will skip the Pitchfork headliners and go see her/them again.

Birthh and Her Skin are a couple of nice acts from Italy. And I’d like to see Thanya Iyer also.

It’s new music labels want you to hear so i wouldn’t worry too much about being out of touch

Demob Happy have been trying to “break through” for a decade it feels like

I’ve heard of eighteen of them. Tbf, there’s some Irish acts I haven’t even heard of there, which means they’re just getting a push off a label.

Still remember when I used to go to the Primavera Pro gigs and there were bands that seemed just to exist for that day and then you’d never heard of or see them again. Same with this.

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Oh I didn’t spot Albertine Sarges! Yeah, that was a good album.

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from rising hip-hop stars, buzzy indie-rock acts, and Latin pop to the latest from the British underground jazz scene, all sitting nicely next to things you never thought could have existed - a beatboxing Japanese Zen Buddhist monk and a punk-embracing marimba group from Mexico, for example

bet there’s no proper haircuts

I went in 2008 (maybe, it was around then) and had a really nice time. The weather was lovely and Austin was great and the vibes were spot on.

I can’t confirm if the CIA were there :eyes:

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You probably wouldn’t recognise it now from what i hear