listened to the EP yesterday. still like Farewell to Twilight. Drink the sunshine not quite as much.

some of it sounded like proto-Sum 41, they could have been massive if they were a fewer years later

Holy shit, I forgot all about Disappear

Just had one of those moments where it came on and my brain just lurched, can’t have heard this song In forever, but listened to it endlessly on the Kerrang! tape where I first heard it.

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Tickets on sale Friday from here

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cor, saw these a few times back in the day and has been pointed out - so much fun, but probably tied to an age/time. I’ll have another listen for sure though. That mini album was essential for mid teen me. Even the ska one!

Joyrider! Geneva! Reading thread this is like a trip to my storage locker, which is full of records by these bands.


Is anyone going to this tonight!?

Picked up some tickets on twickets yesterday… just need to sort childcare and battle cancelled trains now….

i genuinely would like to but am too far away!

Im intrigued as to what it will be like. I used to think they were ace but i was very young and feel their performances depended on that a bit…the records aren’t but beyond youthful fun not sure they have much else!

Let us know anyway :smiley: have fun!

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My hope is they’re still as childish as I am in my 40s and they exude a night of youthful exuberance.

They were so much fun 25 years ago, and the mini album still stands up for me!!

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What a blast from the past! Got the 7 of this somewhere :smiley:


absolutely! yeah im 40+ now so we probably enjoyed them around the same age.

I’ll stick the mini lp on later!

It was really, really good

Go see them if they tour


I’m presuming they are at least slightly more sedate these days. Used to think they were going to get hurt at some of their gigs back in the day!

Wow. The guitarist who didn’t join HIFH still has the exact same playing stance as 25yrs ago.

Why do i know this?!?

And the same guitar, actually.

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Is Woj wearing the exact same t-shirt in the pic above as here??




I think it’s all relative… probably not quite as likely to literally break a leg/pull a ceiling down as they were when they were 18… but there was a LOT of stage diving/surfing to/from the sound desk.

Hope they do a tour - it was a really joyful experience

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A move i think we can all relate to!

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