Synthy Music from the 70s/80s

deliberately leaving this broad so like new wave, synth pop, more electro industrial stuff, whatever

been listening a lot to the following bands:
Pet Shop Boys
Scritti Politti
Cabaret Voltaire
The Associates

all really great, cool how they’re all northern too

what’s everyone’s favourite records that fall under that umbrella?
also looking for more female fronted stuff

You’ll be wanting my “mostly” 80s synth classics mix. No surprises (and some less synthy than others) tunes but I like it:

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Rational Youth - Cold War Night Life. Some of it’s pretty basic but there’s some great stuff on there. One track totally rips off the intro synth bit to Enola Gay.

John Foxx - Metamatic bit obvious maybe. I’ve read he didn’t really know how to operate the synths so that probably contributed to the minimalistic sound.

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The Lover Speaks. Recently picked this up from a record fair for £1, mostly because it contains the original version of “No More I Love You’s” that Annie Lennox had a hit with in the 90’s, but enjoyed the whole album.

Kraftwerk, of course.
Also, Depeche Mode.

Algebra Suicide

Minimal Man

Caroline K

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really liking the sound of algebra suicide

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They’re amazing