I feel really bad that I don’t really know what’s going on in Syria, who’s fighting who, what the background is, what I should be hoping will happen. Is there a good explainer anywhere so I can get up to speed and at least know what the news is on about?

I fear I need a more basic starting point. I understand that terrible things are happening, but I don’t really know why.

A year old, but this is a useful primer


So Assad, in charge, and awful. Backed by Russia.
ISIS - obvious shitcunts.
Moderate rebels trying to take down Assad - backed by UK and US.

And at the moment in Aleppo it seems like Assad is ruthlessly purging the moderate rebels?

Pretty much. Although there are a whole heap of disparate groups under the ‘moderate rebels’ umbrella, some not at all moderate.

This is good too

Is it also now a proxy war between the US and Russia?

Is this video broadly right tho?

What’s interesting/sick is that you would think beseiged civilians/murdered children would be pretty clear cut but a lot of BTL comments under various articles are horrifically cruel. To the effect of here come more immigrants/how many are terrorists/they look pretty healthy for beseiged etc.

Pretty despairing stuff not helped/actively fostered by a totally indifferent political and media scene.

There’s a lot of very obvious Russian or pro-Russian astroturfers at work in every article with comments switched on. This iteration of Putin’s Russia is a really worrying proposition.