SYSO 2023

Today is the first day of International SYSO (Sort Your Sht Out) 2023 during which light bulbs will be changed, drawers will be organised, letters will be posted, and to do lists will be written…and maybe even embarked upon!

Please log the S Y have S’ed in this thread, or the S Y need to S.

Why? Because I SYSO.

Ends 23:59 on Sunday


v well timed, i would show you the state of my bedroom floor/bedside table/desk but … shame

My passport expired in 2020. I really need to get on to renewing that but it costs money and I’ve no plans to go abroad yet.

Fascinated by this. Do you change your bulbs on a regular schedule or do you have a load that have blown that you’ve not attended to?

I need to:

Send those pants back to Uniqlo
Book an appointment with the endocrinologist
Find some goddamn shoes
Send my documents to the passport bastards

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Today I need to do laundry, replace my laptop charger cable which i spilled a pint of water on last night, empty the bins and do my regular job

Over the weekend I am starting my WFH workspace from scratch as the current setup has become a cluttered mess.

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Gotta get a new lightbulb from Wilkos this weekend as it happens



I’m still two or three light bulbs down as well. Having to swap the hall one for the front room one when required

Oh lord no. Just going off some stuff posted last year where i admitted that once the bulbs went in m’s room and the main one in the bathroom i’ve never changed them (7 years ago). We just rely on lamps now.

I most certainly wont be changing them now either but just a suggestion for others.

Can someone please escort ruffers off the premises


I have to do so much so i wont list my to dos but will list my have dones.

Also please can everyone observe the hydration rule and put “drink water” on your list as our medical tent for this year’s event is short staffed.


So far this week I have: bought an electric toothbrush, changed my bedsheets, donated two bags worth of clothes, had two appointments, three work related phone calls, went to a shop for help with an order (they said they couldn’t help and to ask online), read a postmodern novel and spilled a full pint of water on my desk.

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Mate, you can do it! I believe in you! It’s SYSO season! It’s time!

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Even if i wanted to i cant. I cant find the thread about them but i have very puzzling light fixtures that i dont know how to change, they’re very heavy glass with no obvious way in, it almost certainly needs two people and requires some weird curly tube light that I’ve never seen anywhere. Plus they’re horrible lights to have on.

But dont worry, i have plenty of other S to S O

I’ll do it later

Got to

  • assemble ikea flysta (smaller kallax)
  • rearrange my bedroom to accommodate flysta
  • list a lot of stuff for sale
  • sort out pedalboard

although, i do have to urgently…

  • take two parcels to the post office
  • go to the opticians and get a new screw for my sunglasses
  • trade some records
  • buy some rizzla

oh shit, have i just made a to do list?! bloody hell @Scout , perhaps this works after all!

  • return Amazons

cant make head nor tail of this mate