System Of A Down

I unashamedly love this band. Deal with it. Apparently they’ve got 15 songs ready for a new album.

I remember hearing Know on a free CD on the front of Kerrang! and thinking it was fucking brilliant. I reckon there’s good stuff to be found on every one of their albums. Sure there’s some stuff that makes you wonder what they were thinking, and on the last two albums they let Daron sing too much, but over ten years later and I can still chuck any of them on and it sounds good.

Thing is though, everything solo I’ve heard from them after they split was just utter dross. Like proper bland shit that took the more annoying aspects and put them at the forefront. The ridiculousness of it all scaled back even though that’s part of what made them great.

So a 2017 System Of A Down album? Probably gonna be pretty shit and derivative I reckon. The fact that they’re quoted as saying “We’re not trying to make ‘Toxicity’ Part II” probably means they’re doing exactly that.

That Kerrang CD was the first I listened to them and I’m still fond of that album. Loved Toxicity back in the day too but I’d really struggled to listen to it these days.

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really wish system of a down were black metal now


Mezmerize is a fucking brilliant album when you’re drunk & in a good mood.


Loved them back in the day. Have a chipped tooth courtesy of seeing them at Brixton Academy :fist: Would prolly go see them live again.

Trivia - they were number one in The US on 9/11.

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Loved them up to and I guess including Steal This Album. after that, as you say, Daron sang too much. Some of the later stuff was ok.

I saw them at Reading again a few years ago and had a great time, sang along wonderfully I’m sure to I-E-A-I-A-I-O. My now wife slept through the whole thing on a chair right next to me. Their set there in 2003 was great. they were on before Metallica and they seemed to blast through all the heaviest stuff they had as quickly as possible. They also introduced me to Dillinger Escape Plan, who supported them in 2002, (I think), although I couldn’t hear a note Dillinger played.

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Absolutely awful band. Someone put Toxicity on at work and it has not aged well.

mezmerize ( is that the one with the my cock is bigger song) is hilarious though

Teenage obsession etc. Pretty much need to be drunk to enjoy them now as mentioned by others. I do think they have a pretty unique sound though. First album is best. Di-di-di-di di-di-di-di di-di-di-di di-di-di-di…sugaaar

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They’re doing all the festivals next year and have already been announced for Download. Will be pretty awesome, as I never saw them before they went on hiatus

Loved Toxicity and Mezmerize. Could definitely still get some enjoyment out of both of them now. Never got into the s/t, Steal This Album had a handful of decent tunes and Hypnotize was probably the same, if unnecessary as a companion piece to Mezmerize.

Danced to Toxicity at a wedding the other week.


A Kerrang-reading pal at school got me into their first record, the second one was OK, I thought Steal This Album was pish and I thought they were rubbish at Reading 2003 (sorry @Avery). Always sad I missed them when they played there in 2001 (I think?), I remember being off the site for some reason and being stuck in a big queue to get back in as they were on.

Holy shit though, if I never have to hear Chop Suey again my life will be vastly improved.

I was right down the front in 2001. a great run of bands that year, (Boy Hits Car, Staind, (hed)PE, Fear Factory the SOAD. (ok, by great, i mean, (hed)PE and Fear Factory were on before SOAD.)

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I really like Toxicity.

Wish the lyrics were in Armenian though, they’re pretty lame.

Haven’t thought about this band in a long time. Got a lot of time for Toxicity, great sixth-form memories listening to that constantly.

I saw them in 2003 at Reading, massive bottle fight before they came on, yeah?

Really like Steal This Album! some great tracks on that (Bubbles, Boom! Pictures, Roulette, Fuck The System).

Never got into the double album stuff they did; found it a bit guff to be honest.

I think the first album is super fun. Sometimes I also get an intense urge to listen to Prison Song, despite/because of the absurdly on-the-nose lyrics, what a fucking intro.

I haven’t really listened to anything past Toxicity, not sure it would really work for me now. Maybe I’ll give it a go later on today though.

I’d be up for seeing them if they swung by London in the future.

Like pretty much all their output, although Steal This Album had a few duffers, and I kinda like Daron’s voice - I’ve seen Scars On Broadway live and still enjoy their s/t on occasion.

They played well at Reading 2013, lots of classics and the onstage banter was fun.

S/T is still a belter.

Marilyn Manson and Eminem headlined that night, fun times.

yeah, I’ve always felt Marilyn Manson blew Eminem off the stage that night. such a great show.

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He was awesome. Those stilts… He came out during Em’s set too, if I remember right.

How is that 15 years ago? Mental.