T _ _ _ _ day

Feel for you mate. You’ll get through it though, don’t worry.


I’m pretty much incapable of making a single batch of brownies so I’ll make two and might do two combo’s.
I had a sneaky suspicion you were partial to a bit of fruit and nut :female_detective:

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There’s a really nice bakery in Edinburgh called Twelve Triangles, but I rarely get their stuff cos neither of their branches are near me.

Had a nice Friday off work a few weeks ago, was out nosing around some shops when I found another shop stocking some of their stuff, including some lovely looking brownies. Obviously treated myself to one.

What I got was one of the most delicious, softest, gooiest brownies I’ve ever had, that was also full of nuts. Was raging.

I have big news, walked past a Greggs yesterday and it said they were on just eat. Unbelievable eh.


Had a peanut butter brownie once, don’t think it will ever be beaten.

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Best mate is visiting me in work today. He’s going to borrow a bass from me and we’re going to have lunch together. We’ve come a long way in the last ten years. Back then neither of us would be out of bed before one on a Thursday.

GF has a bad back so will be looking after her later, which might scupper my gig plans.

To Yelp!


Work, not much to report there except trying to wriggle out of a trip to Crewe on Tuesday that will mean no tattoo and also delay me meeting @anon76851889

Exciting coiffeury this evening.

Let me know how it goes. No hassle if we do need to rearrange

Feeling very very good today lads, might be that the temperature has dropped by 5 degrees, might be Sugababes in my ears, might be that I got eight hours sleep, who knows. I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Think booking a trip home has made me feel better, I’ve really started to miss it and (some) people, I really can’t wait. Also got a few friends organising trips over to see me, yay!

have you ever actually listened to the lyrics of sk8er boi? sk8er boi doesn’t end up with the ballerina at the end, he ends up with avril


Intriguing… :thinking:

Any luck with the car stuff or is it still all a horribly unfair mess?

She couldn’t have made it any more obvious!




Will do :+1:

No minimum spend or delivery fee for a limited time too.

Might get a VGSR delivered every hour on the hour.

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:frowning: :hugs:

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i thought they were the same girl and she had just switched from third to first person

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Today is work’s annual summer party. Pretty much everyone seems to have decided to work from home or Milton Keynes for the day, so it’s got a Christmasy vibe where hardly anyone’s here. :+1: