T E u V e E s N d I a N y G

Bleurgh, does that title work? It makes my eyes funny. ANYWAY.

Good evening folks. How’s it going? How’s your day been? What you up to?

EDIT: Ah curses! It capitalised it! *shakes fist*


Sick inside, just been talked to like a piece of shit because i didn’t hoover something quick enough. Not my fault that there is only one working hoover in this place

Hi @Witches hi everyone :wave:

I handed my notice in today (not yesterday as planned) because I have a new job to start in January. Sad to be leaving this job but the new one sounds exciting. Other than that, I worked a bit late so have only just got home.

Tonight I am researching summer holidays :smile:


I’m walking to a hotel in the suburbs to have dinner with my Dad. He brought my Mam there for a training course and has nothing to do now. It’s a long walk so I’m drinking a cider to break up the monotony.

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Just saw my landlord, tuxed-up, getting picked up from the front of his house by a chauffeur-driven Rolls.

I’m having yesterday’s dinner, reheated in the microwave.

Edit: Naturally the private plate said ‘Ralphs’.

Get up! I’ve at least had a shower now…

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I’m at a gig. Oldest person here by 20 years.


Should have invited @Lo-Pan


Just had a lad round who was built like a fucking fridge to do a packing and removals quote. £300 to not have to so much as assemble a cardboard box. Sold.

Now waiting for my steak pie to heat up (not a euphemism) and have no plans beyond putting that into my face.


That new Echo and Bunnymen song is so shite.

Fuck, is that all? I spent £150 just on self-drive van hire when I moved. Fully did myself there.

Yeah, but we’ve got barely any furniture and it’s only a mile up the road, so that’s probably keeping it down.

Also like fuck is anyone touching my basses.

I’ve never paid for removals, but that sounds ridiculously cheap for packing and moving everything.

Had one those vivera steaks (very steaky) with crispy onions, mushy peas and potato waffles.

You haven’t done anything daft like pay them in advance have you?

just got back from climbing this bad boy

very scary!


What’s the gig and where is it?!

They said it was needed to secure the booking! Fuck!


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Haha :grinning::fu::wink:

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Tiny Moving Parts at SWG3.

More emo than a My Chemical Romance convention.