T h s d a y


What’s missing?


How are you today?


Woking fom home


Still in bed. Need to be out the door in 10 minutes. Oh well.


I hate my US colleagues
^This would have autocompleted on old DiS


Supposed to be recording vocals today but have woken up with a shitty cold :sneezing_face: so annoying.


New DiS has the auto-reply function though :slight_smile:


morning dissers,

got up sharp this morn and went for a run, not sure it was a great idea as i’m fucked. that being said it since to be able to have time for breakfast instead of just drinking fuck loads of coffee.
waiting for my fireplace guy who should be here about half 9.


pointless bit of information


Mate, this is the morning thread. Pointless information is welcomed. Encouraged, in fact.


On the way to work. Can’t wait to do absolutely fuck all for the day. Will finish two reviews on company time I think.




Maybe @moderators could use their powers to amend the Social board category accordingly?



Yes, I’m sure


Gonna have some porridge. Then do some work. Standard morning.

Might go to the library for a change of scenery at some point.

I do not have a fireplace.


I shouldn’t really be this tired.

My day will be spent watching students put together presentations so it’s unlikely to be difficult or eventful.


Can’t wait till home time

About to get feedback on some work it turns out they gave me incorrect instructions for. Better be nice feedback.


Also WFHing today :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:


Morning all,

Mrs Z is off to Cardiff for work and left her train tickets on the kitchen counter so I’m in a mad dash to Paddington to see if I can reunite her with them before 9:15 when her train leaves

Can I get there in time?
Will the train I’m on stop sitting outside Finsbury Park anytime soon?

Find out on the next exciting post by CZUK!

*theme tune plays *


Bonus points for anyone who can guess which TV show that post was inspired by.


Lost it at this


There weren’t enough Bat-puns.