T H U R S D A Y 😸



How are we all?

Still hot innit?

It’s 3 weeks til my :flag_us: roadtrip and omg am i excited


which one do I post in?!?

this one has the correct tags, at least


just 21 more sleeps!!


and a cat, i think it’s clear


yep, ok. HERE WE GO:

just had some porridge. getting my car MOT’d later. feeling gash.

…that’s about it.


this one!




Alright meow, jay_and_the_moneys, e4 and any other DiSers who may have posted while writing this.

I saw a skateboarding dog in Victoria Park yesterday, my life is now complete :dog:


where bounce in :us: u goin meow?


We fly to San Fran for a wedding and about 3 days there, then fly to Las Vegas for a night, then pick up our convertible mustang drive to Flagstaff, then up to Monument Valley, Then to Santa Fe and Albuquerque, then down to El Paso, then over to Big Bend National Park, then up to Austin for about 3/4 days before coming home.

Seeing and doing loads of shit on the way. I am most excited about staying in a Tipi in Terlingua and doing a full day of canoeing on the river thats half in the US and half in Mexico.


that’s a fair bit of driving. will be good though I’m sure :slight_smile:


Just got into work. Silly traffic.

Still not allowed to go running, on physio’s orders. Might get permission just in time for the weather to get minging.

Generally in a pish mood.


Had my dreams crushed by Meowington today

Otherwise great



Anyone had to get fingerprints? I need to get some done for a fbi criminal report check.


Finally they’re on to you


Going to a specialist today for a baby scan, hoping we’ll told everything is fine, obviously shitting it until then. And the health visitor is meant to be coming too.

Been in a horrible, weird mood recently. Feel really burnt out and anxious.


We’ve got 2 nights in Flagstaff, Santa Fe and Terlingua and we don’t drive longer than 4 hours or so in 1 day so I think we should be ok. I mean…I hope we should be ok.


Made über macaroni cheese last night. Feel horrendous this morning but so worth it.

I know I’m not meant to but how do I get rid of sebaceous filaments (blocked pores) on my nose? Word is castor oil but do I need to mix it?

Boys over at the weekend to meet little FS. Then drinking. 'Cited.


Pro tip: Subway is the only rest stop chain where you can get any kind of salad that isn’t fried/covered in sauce


Morning all.

Good luck with the scan, hyg!

I have a fan on my desk blowing cool air into my ear. Will probably have to go home with earache later but it will be worth it.