T h u r s d a y


Got to my 8am. It’s been moved to 10:30

If only I’d checked my mail at 7:45

good start



Morning BITT, all,

I’ve finally managed to make it into the office, having not been here for 4 weeks. Not much going on here. It seems though that the out of hours reception guy who had been working here since we moved into this office must have left. Not seen him since maybe June/July sort of time. Not entirely sure why, but the blinds are all shut at night, so one of the tasks the out of hours person has to do is go round and open them all up. Got to say, the new chap utilises an admirable double hand action. He opened a whole bank of blinds in tandem. A feat I’d never considered possible, but one I’m surely slightly impressed with.

I’m hoping the two weeks and one day of full blanking of my boss’s Outlook calendar means she might be off for the next fortnight and one day, which would allow me a slightly more relaxed approach to working from home every day.

Going to see Jame Acaster tonight, which I think we booked almost a whole year ago. Hoping to do a laugh, maybe more.

Have a good day.


Absolutely love it when early things are moved later without giving you enough time to know they’ve been moved prior to the moving.


Well that’s infuriating! Hope you can leave early instead.


Colleague who does a shift at a youth centre once a week after work has arranged for the police to turn up at his next shift to get a bunch of the kids done for having weed.

  • Sad fucking Tory grass
  • A good thing

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Going to go watch Crawl, which looks silly but I need motivation to keep moving.

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I hope they brick his windows


Worst thing about this is that I just went along with it like “hehe really?” “that’ll be interesting on Friday then” and now I hate myself for not being able to tell him what I really thought.

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How can I tip them all off

Stand outside shouting “five-o!!!”


I mean, if he genuinely thinks it’s a problem and isn’t just being a dick, there’s about 1000 more tactful ways he could go about it

Porridge and coffee for brekko. I got nothing else to say.

write NARC in permanent pen across his forehead


I stopped watching the remake of Beverly Hills 90210 after about 4 episodes because the Principal was working with the police (via an office going undercover as a student) to find drug dealers in the school, if you’ve got kids resorting to dealing maybe you should be trying to help them?! That and the fact there wasn’t a single likable character.

(oh and the Principal was the dad of the main character who was also unbearable and they were both supposed to be the good guys of the show :nauseated_face:)

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What a POS.

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Way to break their trust and put them off ever going back to the youth club :face_vomiting:


Don’t worry, they also get banned if they’re caught with any! Fantastic logic.

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this person should not be anywhere near youth work/teaching or any profession that requires them knowing sensitive or personal information about anyone, let alone kids


go one better, put some weed in your colleague’s desk and call the police to your work, ideally before his next shift at the youth centre


Working with the youth! Helping at risk kids! Giving them safe alternatives to hanging out on the streets! Oh :thinking: wait… :roll_eyes: