T h u r s d a y

I’m going to write a Google review of the place afterwards giving my thoughts (anonymously)

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Today is my Friday.


Still sick. Bored of it now, sure my family is bored of it, you guys must be bored of it, so if it could kindly FUCK OFF that would be good. CW: gross imagery my tonsils have a nice polka dot pattern on them now though, this must be an improvement on last night when they were solid white patches though, right?

Ugh just noticed that that my nicest shirt, worn for a board meeting, which was supposedly freshly washed, is covered in yellow marks. Curry saucy mayhaps?


The cold that has been building is all over the place, so I am having a sick day.

Hello, Netflix.

I’ve got some good news for you JP.


Yay. But also, where’s my head at?

Morning all! Looks like today is my cake day. Cake anyone?

Jimbo was in hospital overnight, and won’t be out until this afternoon (assuming he gets the thumbs up to leave). I already popped up for an hour this morning, and I’ve booked the afternoon off to go back there. He seemed in good form though today - he ate better than he has been doing, and he seemed to be a little bit more talkative, so that’s good.

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Polka dots! Pretty😘 seriously though, I really hope you get better soon and in time for the meet up this weekend! Xxxx

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might have to make today my Friday too

can’t see me surviving past 4 o’clock today

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Just made myself the nicest cup of tea. Not sure what made this one just right, but it was just right.

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Love when that happens. Got a new mug recently and had two perfect cups of tea in it. Heaven.

y… y… you’re… still coming on saturday, right?!


Got a pre-interview (?!) for that promotion that I don’t want today. Not going to do anything to prepare for it, obviously.

Do you want some help not getting it?

I think I’ll be ok, I’m just going to be myself.


It’s (not) in the bag!


I have to sign up for IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organisation) today to get paid. I have been putting this off for seven (7) years and am already bored by the application form.

IMRO = In My Regal Opinion

txt spk that only the queen can use.


Shitters are broken. Might go home.