how the devil are you all???

Tomorrow is my last day of work! I feel an underlying sense of dread lifting. Thursday is the start of the rest of my life. Going to show you all that I’m not as useless as I appear!


Hi Bam. Glad to hear you’re feeling good!

Gonna put some music gear up for sale and try and do some LIFE ADMIN. Yeah!!

Hey bam I bet you’re looking forward to Friday!
Might go out drinking but I shouldn’t because I currently am feeling the effects of a 2 week binge physically mentally and economically but yolo there’s a big bottle of whiskey with my name on it and a cheap Bar with fun people

Listening to tiger trap whilst reading some evidence stuff, you’re sleeping might be the greatest song ever

How is everyone? :slightly_smiling_face:

what are you selling?

yeah just live your life and have fun, nothing else matters x

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Went for a hike. On a loooong bus ride home. Gonna take an hour long bath and eat some leftovers. Maybe watch a twin peaks.

Booking various train tickets for work travel over the next month. I will miss the Austrian train’s company’s well-made site/e-ticket phone app, and good and cheap service with comprehensible ticket pricing when I go back to the UK (esp as the first UK train I get will be a Southern one :frowning:).

God I should do a rewatch in anticipation of the new episodes. First season is GOAT

Gonna stick Paterson on tonight I reckon. Tore a hole in the sleeve of my jumper, pretty vexed.

A squire jazz bass, tascam portastudio and an old Roland sound module thing.

Have to go to a gig later on. A mate’s band are playing the university’s battle of the bands for the laugh and I think it could be a wild affair. Guitar throwing/human pyramid/high kicks/drinking bags of cans on stage wild.

Pretty hungover though. Ended up drinking cider and playing piano for an hour in a café my friend works in after the pub last night. I do not like cider I have found out.

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Hi Bam! Been meaning to go to sainsbos to get something for dinner for an hour now but it’s still pissing rain so I might just get a takeaway. That’s about it really.

Awful, really awful. Anxious, depressed, money worries, longer term worries, everything bleak as fuck for so long and literally no end to it in sight (and maybe the worst part, no motivation whatsoever to do anything about it even if I could). Absolute joke really.

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ruffers you are a handsmoe and talented man. We care about you here and will help make sure you get through this :slight_smile:


Evenin’ Bam!

That’s exciting about tomorrow! Yaaay! We need to have a virtual celebration!!

I’m good thanks :slight_smile: Though I’ve just stopped to think and I literally have nothing interesting to contribute to this thread… UMMM…

… nope. Nothin’. I don’t even have weekend plans to contribute. I’m just an empty vessel of nothingness.

Thinly veiled ‘been hitting the gym’ post?

Yo! People who actually know what they’re doing have left a torrent of comments on some code I submitted yesterday. It’s all helpful stuff, but it’s a reality check on my coding ego…

Mate if you could see where the rip is, right on the wrist. I’m leaving myself open to lots of over-wanking jokes here.

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Meeting my pal and his new lady friend for drinks, could do without but hey ho.
Depending on how this goes might go see Severeds band later.
Feeling a wee bit hazy already.

Gaun yersel Bam, I’m so happy things are looking up for you :+1:

Paterson was all sorts of great! It should at least make up for your torn jumper…

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