T-shirts that have pit smells (+ general laundry chat I guess) 👚 🧼

It’s a sad fact that I think probably 50% of my t-shirts (all cotton obviously, I’m not a monster) have pit stink. By that I mean no matter how much deodorant I get on, how clean I am, if I get vaguely warm I immediately seem to have smelly sweaty pits.

Am I just going to have to throw them all out? Seems really wasteful. What do you do about this?

Finding the right deodorant has been key for me, and then using it sparingly. Shocked to find that it makes shitloads of difference. I now use a tiny bit of Nivea roll on, the stick stuff.

Though anything with lots of discolouration is probably not going to be saved.

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Yeah the colouring seems fine. It seems so dependent on the t-shirt that I have just given up on the deodorant type because it seems odd that a certain shirt triggers it to work less.

I’ll have a look in the chemist but all the options we have round here are pretty grim seeming. One Sure (it’s called Radox or something down here) has a Cotton smell that I feel like should be good but makes me feel a bit sick so it’s hard to pick the right scent even.

Oxygenated bleach (NOT chlorine bleach) is supposed to be good for sweat stains so would probably work on the smell too. Look for laundry boosters like Vanish oxi action. And white vinegar is good for smells.

And make sure you’re not using too much detergent, as i have read if you use too much it doesn’t rinse out properly and keeps some of the dirt and bad smells in your clothes.

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Move to Wales. It’s too cold here (other than about 3 weeks a year) for this ever to be an issue


If you want to just not sweat altogether then it looks like they sell Perspirex in Australia. You only need to apply a couple of times a week so it’s not as expensive as it first appears.

Just make sure you don’t have any broken skin cause otherwise you’re in for a world of pain :smiling_imp:

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Perspired rollon has been a game changer for me

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Remember, deodorant is a scam

The more you use
The more you sweat
The more you sweat
The more you buy deodorant


Deodorant truthing is a new twist. Big fan.

Spray deoderant is really useless isn’t it

Cut the smelly pit circles out of the t-shirt and wear as normal

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The Sure 48h stuff works brilliantly for me

Give them a wash in some ‘sports’ wash like this stuff. I’ve resurrected some pretty bad running kit with it and really works.


I have had to cut back on deodorant because I was applying it up to about 4 times a day and it gave me a little rash. So now I’ll apply it if I’m going to be out for a while but otherwise I go without. I thought I’d be smelly and sweaty but I still don’t smell and it’s made very little difference to sweat.

seriously this stuff WORKS