T-Shirts the you have had printed for yourself not some band nonsense or stag do/sports tour trash


I may have had more but the ones I can remember are:

‘100% Commitment
100% my real forename and surname


‘my whole life was like a picture of a sunny day’

This is one off slogan t-shirts you have had printed for yourself not some band nonsense or stag do/sports tour trash.






You can get words on a t-shirt, pops. You know printed on or whatever. What did you get?




Would wear (simply)


Words on a… tshirt.

Funny slogans you’ve made up yourself

Printed on to a tshirt

And when you wear them people say hey aha that’s clever that’s your name

And you say yes I had the words and I printed them

On to a t shirt.


None, but some of my penoid pals are really into the idea of getting “team” t-shirts made for Nationals next month and I cringe myself inside out every time it comes up.




You are taking words that are not well known phrases even.

Just words you thought were pretty fun

And youve been printing those onto tshirts

To wear them


That’s it. I think it would be very rich of you to suggest that you haven’t made any youthful mistakes. This is a thread for sharing those mistakes for the pleasure of the boards.

The second I did not write it is Sleater Kinney


I really don’t think that you’re in a position to look down on ‘stag do/sports tour trash’ with this.


Let’s hear it then hockey boy, what you got?


I am a man who once thought Hawaiian shirts were always appropriate, to be fair

Perhaps I should put those words

Onto a tshirts


Why would you do this?


I ruined a really nice Fiorentina shirt by getting “Two Fat Ladies 88” printed on the back of it during a particularly adolescent holiday to Italy with school. One mate got “Legs 11” on the back of his which makes it better but also a lot worse however we both got off lightly compared to my pal who spent a fortune on a Roma shirt and got “Kinky 69” on the back of it…

There is literally nothing stupider on the planet than teenagers.


Yeah. I’ve done this.


Don’t admit to it, this is clearly a trap!


Don’t think I haven’t seen you wearing those cycling capettes.


This is what we are looking for. Honesty and humility.