T ues day thread

How you Tuesdaying, Tuesdayers?

Gonna Tuesday it real good today :muscle:

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I am hayfever

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WFH. I will get up at 9 probably. Need to ring a solicitor.

Got some work that needs doing in the morning

Morning all.

Hectic day ahead in bathroom building saga - doors open everywhere. Worried the cats are going to run off and never come back. :frowning:

Also will have no toilet in the flat for a couple of days. And I have to actually get some work today


That’s the last thing you want to be thinking about with no toilet!

Cwbaft kenneth Williams etc

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Morning FL, all :wave:
Second day of the shop being open today, and it’s hotter than the sun in there, should make for a sweaty Tuesday. Think I’m going to ask for more money today too. Have a splendid Tuesday everyone!

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Morning y’all . Listening to Ellen arkbo music for bass and drums. Lovely stuff. Need to pack the car and drive back to Bristol with the family today. Hoping Tuesday is kind to you all x

Hear me me sniffle. :sneezing_face:

Feel rough. Got lots of work to do. :confused:

Feels like one of those days where I’m going to sneeze myself into a headache


Hmm yep. It’s Tuesday all right

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been up since 5am.

completed all the picross puzzles :frowning:

My son was sneezing and snuffling so much whilst waiting for the school bus yesterday an old lady gave him a packet of tissues

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Think I am a good way to that stage myself. Waiting for the ceterizine to kick in to give my half an hour of relief before I go back to sneezing my head off.

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Non-suffering gf said to me “I don’t understand why you’re sneezing so much, the pollen count isn’t as high as it was yesterday”.



Today I will mostly be Tuesdaying myself to The Hague. Well, Rijswijk. It’s the hotel with the massive portrait of Winston Churchill in the lobby again.

I like to call those days “the summer”.


Morning :flashlight: et al. Temperature has dropped a bit in London so it’s pretty manageable today. Got my quarterly appraisal today, please aprayssal for me.

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hi flashinglight and etc
and etc