Tabbing is going to 'save' when you're auto-filling an @ or emoji selection

Not sure how else to phrase it but if I start to do an emoji by say doing


then I get the pop up like this:


But if I hit tab instead of auto selecting ‘grimacing’ so I can just hit enter it is tabbing out to ‘Create Topic’ here or ‘Save’ if it’s a response. Same thing happens when doing an @

I note on meta.discourse this isn’t happening so it’s a specific bug on this site. @sean have you put some new JavaScript in maybe?

@whiterussian I think we can still @ discourse people here but I can’t recall who. I couldn’t find any evidence of a fixed bug but it’s hard to know what to search for on Meta so it might be they’ve corrected it there and there’s a patch.

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Thanks, will look at this later.

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Much, much later

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Well good work @whiterussian on fixing it!!!

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Thank you, very hard work indeed!

You seem to have also fixed the issue where your Nice Reply notification takes you to the middle of the list. Good effort

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It’s what they pay me for!