Table manners

House is too small for a table lol we eat on the couch

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I only care about open-mouth loud chewers, but they really bother me, cant deal with it at all.

From the age of about 13 up I ate in front of the TV at home, then I don’t think I lived anywhere other than halls that even had a dining table until I was 29. So yeah, not something I find particularly valuable.

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Oh, yeah I’m not going to lean over someone. I thought the issue was leaning over your own plate or something.


Yeah, sorry, I wasn’t thinking of it as in leaning over other people.

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When we were kids if we ever ended up eating with people from church we’d always get glared at by the nice families by chowing down as soon as he food was there to be eaten instead of praying first. Bollocking from our mum afterwards, well you know what YOU are the one who never taught us to do that mum.

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Quite like the idea of this, would make me feel like I was in an Italian-American family in New York and for some reason about five different uncles came round for dinner every night.


anything described as etiquette is automatic bullshit.

maybe i fucking will read your newspaper over your shoulder when we’re crammed into a carriage. deal with it.


Makes me think of the opening to Roseanne, I always always wanted to have a close family that all ate together and I loved that they had a nice busy and cosy kitchen so I think I associate a lot of ‘bad’ table manners with big chaotic families and as someone with a pretty isolated way of life I kind of love it. Someone come over and squeeze ketchup all over my issues.


Reaching over people is good, seems like the kinda thing they’d be up to in countries with non-disgusting cuisines so they never have to make up all these bullshit rules to distract themselves from the horror of a plate full of unseasoned shit you’ve just chopped up and stuck in the oven and boiled for a a bit.

Honestly England is just terrible isn’t it


My dad has a habit of leaning across dishes of food to grab something but with the sleeve of his sweater hovering over the food or even worse trailing through it. Get so tempted to swat his hand away.

remember being invited round to a couple of friends for dinner.

we eat a nice pie etc, he finishes his food first and i have like… a mouthful left…
he just reached over to my plate and picked up my piece of pie and ate it :confused:
seeming really pleased with himself and said thats what his family always did :confused: his girlfriend gave him a bollocking. obviously.



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Might have actually murdered him.


Talking while chewing is the only one that bothers me tbh, everything else I couldn’t give less of a hoot about.

Unless anyone tries to take my last bit of pie, obviously.


i think if the way you eat causes discomfort to others, and it’s something you can actively choose not to do as opposed to being something you can’t help, it would be decent to refrain from doing whatever it was when with said others. but it would take (and in the past has taken) something vastly horrendous for me to object to the way someone eats. one friend has made me very nearly retch but i have never told them this.


You would have had grounds to punch him


would have genuinely started discussing how he’s permeating a cycle of abuse. then called the police.


This makes me feel sick. Once food is on someone else’s plate that’s it for me, never going to eat any of it off there. I used to be a potwasher in a cafe in Wigan and it wasn’t the job for someone who doesn’t like other people’s food. Shudder. All those pie ends and cold gravy that would sometimes touch my fingers when scraping them clean.