Table of contents for threads

Worth adding this for the epic threads?

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what’s the utility for epic threads? discussion of XXX starts on post YYY?

I guess it acts as chapters if you wanna jump back but also provides a bit of a summary? Might allow those who haven’t kept up to dip into certain areas they’re more interested in?

Would be good for the multi round voting threads


Yeah the voting threads and the big monthly current events (Football, politics) could benefit from this

TV threads as well that run across multiple seasons.

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I say go for it! If it’s awful we can always go back


Ok. Really worried about upsetting people by doing things that seem to cause unforeseen issues but don’t see how this might.

Looking forward to seeing all the creative ways that this will be used!

It’s now live on all themes

It’s bound to be less upsetting than that time I enabled «solution» for all threads across the boards if that helps. And you’ve even asked first!