Table Sport Proposals

Got table football and table tennis covered.

What have we missed?

Table chess

Table darts. For when you want to play darts in the pub but can’t be arsed to stand up.


But this is the original version, simply called “Chess”.

Would you like me to explain the concept of this thread in more detail?

Is it miniaturised in any way?

It’s like a table version of that chess game that people play with giant pieces on the ground in some parks.


We used to have a little table that was square and had a pocket in each corner. You had to flick a ‘cue’ counter and pot all your counters (either white or black) and you could only flick forwards from where you were sitting. I thought it was called Karum but google does not.

Billiards is basically just table croquet #makeuthink

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Not so much. Just quite close to the dartboard with some form of dart grabber so I don’t have to get up and pull them out of the board.

Table Sumo

This feels more like “Lazy Darts” than table darts, it’s missing the core table integration into the game’s narrative

I am struggling to conceptualise this, could you give me more context perhaps?

Table Kabaddi

The scoreboard can be on the table I guess? Someone else can work it though I really can’t be bothered.

I’m afraid that I’ll need more information as to how this game’s rules will be applied to this new format.

You and your rival both stand on a table, or maybe a table each but both pushed together, and try and force the other one off onto the floor to their fiery demise

Oh the floor is lava. Forgot to mention that bit

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Thank you for your proposal, we will be in touch if we decide to go ahead with your suggestion.

Table American Football, but it’s between orcs and humans and is marginally more violent.


Table ten pin bowling. Think that has legs

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