Table Sport Proposals

Maybe give it a name that’s a bit more ferocious too?

Something like Blood Bowl?

Table Long Jump

That’s much better. I was going to call it Tabletop Fistball - With Orcs!

This feels too close to the original rules, and the inclusion of actual lava would severely limit the potential worldwide appeal.

It’s not for amateurs mate

I feel this is probably how the concept of pinball started out

I’m just thinking of the sponsors

It’s called carrom. Cheers, dickheads.


Table ice hockey. Like air hockey only with an actual ice table. Could use an old snooker table, block the pockets and then use a refridgeration grid thing to create ice on it. That would be fucking awesome

Table ice hockey is brilliant


bit like this, but also nothing like this

Stayed in a hostel with one of these once, was fucking great:


Sorry, I’d assumed since you were the one that had posted that this was a pure-garbage reply, but it seems that you have found a valid example.

Needs real ice though.

YOU need real ice

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I am a man of mystery and surprise with an ass that don’t quit.


Do the figures stop halfway through and beat the shit out of each other?

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No u

No, participants do

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Sounds like every table game I ever played when I was a kid tbh