Tablet virus help?

I’m a bit green with all this shite, but not had an issue since getting a tablet about five years ago.

Just had something worrying pop up and could do with a bit of advice.

  • The app that’s flagged it - StopBadApp - is legit so far as i know, but the language of the error message seems very suspicious.

  • The other security…thing i’ve got installed - 360 - isn’t finding anything.

  • The timestamp regards the dodgy thing is three years old?

What should i do, apart from moderating the amount of time i spend on Xhamster, etc?

Paging @1101010.

Looks like it has decided that the Google search app itself (i.e. one of the central things in Android) is malware based on the fact that it can generate notifications. I wouldn’t worry.

To be honest, I’d trust this StopBadApp thing about as far as I can throw it. I’ve never heard of it and, unsurprisingly, big scary pop up tells you to pay them for their premium service… same as it ever was with this kind of trash. Uninstall it I’d say.

Given the permissions system in Android, unless you have root (i.e. admin level access… if you don’t know whether you do or what this means, and without sound condescending, then you almost certainly don’t) then I’m really not convinced that you need any antivirus software at all.

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