Tablet wankers [Audit]

Do you use a tablet?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Tablets? I take those when I’m unwell lol!!

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They’ve become so prevalent in my industry that I’m starting to get jokey comments about being old-fashioned or a luddite but I literally can’t use one for the life of me :sob:

Nerd out which wacom you use below, I guess.

tablet is also a kind of scottish foodstuff


I laughed so hard when the iPad was first unveiled. Now it’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought.

Do you eat tablet

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  • No

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i don’t even understand how people use these for non-design type work. complete mystery to me.

I have eaten tablet in the past. Though you don’t really eat it do you, you pop it in your mouth and then wait for it to return to sugar, it’s natural form.

Just wacom things


Surface Pro 3 for work. Just switched to docking stations for them at the office instead of PCs, seems about 3 times slower.

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Not in work, but we have an iPad at home with is pretty useful sometimes.

I don’t use a stylus pad.

I had one of the cheap Tesco ones - it was good for reading the news with Breakfast etc

it died after a year or so, and I’ve never replaced it. So I guess it’s not a key thing I need to live my best life.

gotta be honest, this is what i was on about. didn’t think of ipads as counting

We have an old iPad at home which I use exclusively to stream football for midweek matches that commandeering the telly for would be unreasonably.

I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly used a tablet. Don’t mind admitting they completely baffle me. I can see how they would be useful in a work environment for design, or presenting and using programmes like Tableau - but I can’t ever see me getting one either alongside or instead of a laptop.

I have an old Google Nexus 10 somewhere which probably hasn’t been turned on for ~6 months?

  • Full brexit pie n chips graphics tablet with no UI
  • iPad/slate/Tesco tablet things

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Not for work, but have an iPad at home that I mostly use for reading comics or articles, or mindless couch web browsing, occasionally for watching videos while travelling. Don’t have a personal laptop any more so has replaced it for a lot of those purposes really



use my iPad Mini almost daily for commuting and for long journeys to see the gf up north/holidays/work trips/whatever - it’s great for comics/films and sports. mine is a first generation one that is technically ‘obselete’ and won’t update anymore but it’s served me well over the past 5 years. gonna look to get a new one this xmas.


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