Taco Bell

We recently had a Taco Bell open up near us. The thing is I’m just not familiar with the menu. I tried something recently and it was a bit meh. What are the best things to order from Taco Bell please?

Is there a Pizza Hut next door?

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yet another thing we don’t have in Northamptonshire

Honestly, they’re dogshit.


They’ve had one in Reading for ages. In a few of my darkest moments of desperation I’ve been tempted, but I just don’t trust them.

oh really?

Apologies for spreading misinformation


I got a big Tango in one when I was out my face. That was good.

If its anything like the Brighton one you’re better off at any of the other major fast foods. Not even good for junk food

Best tacos

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But u can get a beer!

Had a taco bell meal in America a few years back. By far the worst thing I ate there. I was expecting a greasy meaty hunk of unhealthy-ness and instead found myself eating something more dry than sand.

I’ve never been to America but I usually get the impression that when people say fast food is ‘better’ over there, what they actually mean is that it’s much cheaper.

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it’s kinda like mcdonalds

you know it’s total shite but sometimes you want it anyway

taco bell > macdos though

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This has made me want to order a McDonald’s.

It’s neither cheap or good (not even in a “so bad but so good” sense, it mostly doesn’t taste of anything). What surprised me is McDonald’s is far inferior to our one with a very limited menu and smaller burgers, and you’d think the home of that corporation would have the best stuff. The best food was from independent grill style restaurants that we passed along the way.

That said, Wendy’s was fantastic and I look forward to that coming here.

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Been to the one in Nottingham. Utter shite

Surprised about McDonald’s!

Although they do this, which to me is very funny

Sausage McGriddles

@Funkhouser one for the jazz ensemble :trumpet: