Taco Bell

Only time I’ve properly had one was in texas absolutely smashed so much I spilled into my shirt and didn’t realise

A Jollibee has just opened in Leeds

Phillipino fried chicken.

that’s probably ideal conditions tbf

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i’ve been to the philippines twice and not once did i see any fried chicken anywhere

When I was there we went on the first night since it was the nearest thing to our hotel. Tbh their mediocre fried chicken was probably in the top 5 things I ate in the Philippines.

Utter shit. Just worse in every way than a decent Mexican takeaway.



is that meant to be a bee

One of the things on the menu is pasta with chopped up hotdog in tomato sauce

I beelieve so

The tomato sauce is also very sweet. It is grim.

Sounds like I’ll have to try it then


i had something from there once. a taco. it didn’t taste how it should have tasted. it was cheap and food though.

Anyone had McDonald’s spag Bol?

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tbf i was in the middle of nowhere

If you can’t get to a Jollibee, something like this is a good approximation


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My Philipino colleague is always talking about ‘Philipino bolognese’ which is basically as you’ve described, hotdog frankfurters and spaghetti. She absolutely loves it. I remain unconvinced.