Taco Bell

Utter shite in my experience.

Been twice recently and it was complete muck (in a bad way) and that was despite me having had a few beers.

First time I had a volcano burrito or something. Absolutely disgusting. Had some spicy chips that were good though.

The other night I tried a veggie thing to see if that was any better. A cheese and black bean wrap thing. Inedible.

Am I missing something?

It is very bad

I cam make better tacos and that’s saying a lot

Yeah it’s awful

Dreadful and more expensive than decent Mexican options

made a special effort to go once it opened in london


I’ve never had it but everything I’ve ever heard says it is muck

Don’t really understand how you can make inedible Tex-mex food tbh.

Meat/veg good.
Spicy saucy stuff good
Cheese good
Wrap good

(Guacamole only ok)

Went and looked at the menu and nothing looked appetising at all. And I say this as someone who usually likes this sort of thing.

I swear they only serve one thing but constructed into different shapes. Which is good imo. But the thing they sell doesn’t taste of anything.