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got their own teeth

sorry @PaulDaniels


Have no friends :(((

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I’m missing a front tooth so I wear a denture

People really like telling me I should get an implant but fuck that, I can think of SO many better ways to spend £2,000 (not that I have thousands of quid just sitting around)

I like it as a filter. I get asked “what if a girl rejects you cos you’re missing a tooth”

It’s only missing while I’m eating food, goes straight back in after. It’s not like it causes me problems with first impressions or anything.

If a girl rejected me cos of something as superficial as wearing a denture she’s clearly not the one for me

My denture actually broke a few weeks ago just before I went to a wedding so I’m toothless in all the pictures. Literally only one person at the wedding felt the need to ask me about it which was quite funny.

Anyone else here wear a denture?

as you can see I do actually have pretty good teeth other than there being one missing

front left in this pic is the denture, front right is a cap (thus the slightly dark colour at the top of it) but that functions the same as a ‘real’ tooth


My friend had all his front teeth knocked out and the Freemasons paid to get them fixed and then a prominent indie band wrote a song about him

how come you have to take it out when yr eating

Wait, what?

would be uncomfortable and if eating anything that’s remotely solid it could break it (weirdly what broke the old one was biting in to a strangely solid sandwich when i was absent minded and hadn’t taken it out)

if i get surprised by someone offering a crisp or whatever i can eat it but it gets stuck in the denture so it’s just a bit silly