Tagging More Than 5 Users

Is this something that can be amended? Limit is currently five people tagged in one reply. I realise groups exist, but was just thinking of things like AQOS or the two fantasy football leagues.

Love you DiS, big fan

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I changed it to 10 over the weekend. Try it!!!

Should it be even higher?

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Oooh that’s way more helpful, thanks! :heart:

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Seems good to me. :+1:



Two of the best lads.



wait, its always been 10 hasn’t it?

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Maybe for special people that can also edit titles. Show off twats


I agree it was definitely 10 that I recall. Maybe they updated the rules at Discourse central to lower it?

I don’t know if it should be higher. I’m not sure what the rationale is for having it lower. If it’s just to stop people being a bit irritating then we should raise it I think, but if it puts a strain on the server then obviously 10 is fine.

it’s a bit annoying doing AQOS reminders and having to break it into 5/6 posts

but i can live with it

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You don’t like it but you’d have to go along with it?

I changed it from 5 to 10 a couple of days ago, but could have been changed previously as well of course.

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Yeah that’s what mean, that they must have dropped it because it was very definitely 10 max in the past


(as it happened around the time he was tinkering with other settings, seems more likely)

Well maybe but honestly Discourse have pushed through enough updates that have raised issues for us so I don’t like to be presumptuous! :grinning: