Tail End of the Week Football Thread

How the fuck does a plane run out of fuel in mid-air in this day and age.

I read the maximum range for that plane was 1600km but the flight was 1605. Didn’t the pilot also run the company? The Argentinian national team used that plane last week as well.

Sending out the kids and getting beaten by some mid-table randomers at home isn’t very respectful imho.

Gunnersaurus cropped out?

I can’t believe Pardew hasn’t been sacked yet. Southampton will slaughter us.

he was at the side of the pitch during the silence, was hoping they wouldn’t put him in the line-out as it looks a bit…crass tbh

i read Forza’s post in yesterday’s thread about the history of sporting plane crashes etc, didn’t realise there had been so many, very grim.
at the same time football teams/sports teams do a hell of a lot of air travel so i guess on a purely statistical/percentages level the risk of being involved in an accident increases.
horrible tragedy.

Whata going on with Sanogo

One of those things which is very difficult to know how to respond to, because it’s such a specific, blanket tragedy. Just one of the team or coaching staff of the club you support getting killed like that would darken and inform the whole season. Almost all of them is incomprehensible.

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Knowing Pardew, and as someone else pointed out on here recently, I would not be in the least bit surprised if we now go on a winning streak. It’s got to start somewhere.

I also don’t think we’re playing badly, we just keep shooting ourselves in the foot with silly goals and crap defending.

I can’t see it. He’s totally lost the players, ever since the way he treated Puncheon in the cup final. Plus our run isn’t the typical “heart rate monitor” form from Newcastle. Our form is more clinically dead.

Also the whole “super al” thing started as an ironic chant of how shit a footballer he was. The goal v Liverpool altered history.

all this Palace talk is making me miss United formations tbj

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Romero, Rooney x9, Mkhi

re: the chapecoense thing, this video of Gabriel :sob:

First win for Sad Face Lambert! Shame it was an away game, I’d love to know how QPR are artistically interpreted.

Old Ollie is going to be a disaster at QPR isn’t he?

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Knowing Me, Knowing Pardew?