Tailor, cobbler, personal trainer, masseuse


A customer just very loudly referred to each of these people, without prompt, if I asked if he wanted any help, in a kind of “oh no i’m fine i’m just out and about today visting x y and z” kind of way.

Imagine having a tailor, cobbler, personal trainer and masseuse.


been a long day, but I can’t for the life of me work out what these words mean


The Le Carré of the 21st century


Agreed - fuck you on about xylo?


sounds nice

what i would like to know is whether they looked like they had a ‘Tailor, cobbler, personal trainer, masseuse’

i think i’d look pretty good with those experts working away at me


Certainly really good suit and shoes.

Personal trainer - difficult to tell. Certainly not overweight.

Masseuse - didn’t have spaff on his trousers so unsure.



*When I asked


Can you just type it all out again please in a readable form? I guess Budgie is smarter than the rest of us (me and skillz)


Was it that Michael Mason nutcase from Twitter?


if I had a pound for every time your avatar has freaked me out…


It’s a cat, bud


customer namedropped the multiple people he has on retainer. It felt excessive.



A Moon Shaped Pool wasn’t very good in the end was it.


Could “my cobbler” not just mean timpsons? And so on?

Later today I will be visiting “my” grocery retailer and possibly going into leeds and going to"my" book seller. (asda and 'stones respectively)


sounds like euphemistic list of body parts/specialty items employed during a spot of auto-erotic activity


Has anyone called the whitecoats on xylo yet?


Help me