Take a look at this humorously strange e-christmas card I just came back to work to

Just to be clear, this is a company that project manages renewable energy projects. Absolutely zero idea what the symbolism is supposed to relate to whatsoever.


that rabbit’s massive

maybe the rabbits under ‘hope’ means that if you do it like rabbits, you will end up with a family with Bob Carolgees as a grandad

state of that


Thursday is tomorrow, Japes

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I’d argue that with perspective it’s the bird on the railing in the back that is fucking huge tbf

^this. I think it’s a Robin as well?

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they all look weird

it’s very unsettling

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A 3 foot robin. Maybe this is some sort of post nuclear apocalypse scene with some mutations?

I love the Joy brought by a large expanse of concrete…


The baby’s teeth are very unrealistic

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unrealistic body standards being set for all foxes in there as well

Not sure if marckee is being sarcastic here

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actually looking a bit closer I think that is solar pv.

mildly annoying that the bauble doesn’t neatly separate the cold, grey, giant-animal hellscape from the clear blue sky on the other side. it’s like they’ve deliberately made this so that everything about it is just vaguely off kilter.

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I think you might be right, actually - it looks like it’s taken at roof level.


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This requires more explanation.

I want the details on my desk by midday.

If only there was an explanation Wz

Most vexing.